Guiltless Pleasures

We see those of you out there who want to indulge without feeling guilty.  We didn't forget about you.  We at the "Goody" feel that eating healthy shouldn't feel like eating healthy.  We want you to enjoy every bite.  So, you wanna talk about vegan or low fat? 

We love Vegan.  I sneak it in on my family from time to time and they don't know the difference.  So go ahead and indulge in our NO ANIMAL BY PRODUCTS creations.

We use the utmost finest ingredients in our creations - so don't be afraid to ask for them. 


The only vegan item that we DON'T offer are the cheesecakes, but when I get a recipe that I myself can enjoy, I will pass that on to you.  If it's not suitable for us, it won't be suitable for you.  Until then we can make you the finest low-fat cheesecake that you'd love.