The Ultimate Cheesecake
I love cheesecakes.  I wanted to start a business in 2010 just doing cheesecakes.  I love their designs and their creamy, yet firm texture. 
Come on and sink your teeth into one of our rich, creamy yet dense filling cheesecakes that may keep you going back to the refrigerator for more.
Just like our brownies and cupcakes, our cheesecakes are made with the freshest ingredients.  I guess I've been on this journey for the last several years to stay away from preservatives, fillers, and artificial stuff.  You'll get a freshly baked cake that we would serve to our own families.
If you choose to freeze it, let it thaw nicely and enjoy.
We just love showing what we can do.  Check out our Cheesecake Movie!
We current DON'T offer vegan cheesecakes, 'cause I have yet to find a recipe that I truly feel comfortable to see?  However, if low-fat is a doable option, check out our Guiltless Pleasures!