About Us

I started baking as an early teenager and loved that my mother let me have free reign in the kitchen.  Additionally, I wanted to be an entrepreneur since I was a teenage as well.  While I would eventually pursue a career in administration, my love for cooking and baking lead me culinary school where I studied savory, pastries, and restaurant management.  I started creating a plan to start my own business in 2008, however, I knew I needed experience.

The straws that began to break the camels back was watching people in the field for years unable to promote while chef managers (fresh out of college) with NO leadership experience became their bosses.  However, the breaking point were the stages (working interviews).  While looking for a position, owners had applicants come in and perform a working interview called a stage.  This is so they can see if they like you and vise versa but the real deal is that you make food to that they SELL  to THEIR customers.  After all of this you may find that the only thing you'll get is a "Dear John" letter.  They've made a profit by your efforts and you never so much as got a donut to say thank you.

After my first and only stage and "Dear John" letter, I felt 'if I can make a profit for someone with my efforts, why not do it for myself'? 

Therefore, Goody Gourmet, my brain child since 2008 became my job.